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Systems and Applications

Dry Sorbent Injection and Gas Cooling from Process Control Experts

STM was the first company worldwide to offer sodium-based, dry sorbent injection equipment used for acid gas scrubbing, directly in the hot gas stream, without the need for wet scrubbers, spray dryers or approach to saturation systems.

Today, STM's successor, Sorbent Dynamics, boasts an extensive experience on trona, sodium bicarbonate, dry lime and activated carbon injection equipment and complete systems for gas cleaning applications.

No other company that makes DSI and flue gas injection processing equipment has more experience on gas cleaning and process control systems.

Our Systems Include:

Highest efficiency dry sorbent injection systems for acid gas removal

Activated carbon injection systems for heavy metals, mercury and dioxin/furan removal

Dual-fluid, air atomized evaporative spray cooling components for hot gas cooling

Low Capital Cost With Guaranteed Capacity And Throughput

Minimal Maintenance With Elevated Reliability

Accuracy Of Injection Rate With High Turndown

Your Solutions Supplier

Sorbent Dynamics is a preferred equipment supplier to some of the world’s leading air pollution control companies.

We pride ourselves for our high-quality dry sorbent injection components based on our 30 years experience in designing dry feeding, milling and spray cooling equipment, combined with our process experience with air pollution control systems. In short, we are an experienced solutions provider.

We offer a wide range for dry sorbent injection equipment, from a single loss-in-weight feeder to a complete retrofit solution, utilizing the latest engineering technology such CFD and proprietary calculation software. We work as a partner to several end users as well as air pollution control OEMs, to help them provide the best possible solution to their own customers.

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Dosing Feeders

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In-Line Hammermills

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Swirl Air Injectors

Complete Systems or Just Components

We can supply entire systems, including Silo Systems, Feeders, Transport Blowers, Piping Systems and Injectors, or just one of those components.

Complete Systems

We supply complete systems including basic engineering, equipment supply, erection supervision, and commissioning, all fully guaranteed.

Equipment Only

We supply world-class, top of the line equipment and sub-systems that ensure your system performs to design throughout its lifetime, with full equipment warranty.

Upgrades and Optimization

We would love to evaluate your system for performance and recommend a guaranteed upgrade to your existing system, fully guaranteed to perform compatibly with existing equipment.

Make Your Next Project Quick and Easy

6 Simple Steps to a Successful DSI System:

Step 1: Specify Your Process

If necessary, we will work with you to define the pollution abatement process and determine which sorbent solution is best for your process.

Step 2: Analyze Your Problem

The next step is to help you determine which system or component is best suited to achieving your process solution.

Step 3: Build Your Equipment

We will then design and build your system according to your demanding quality requirements and specifications.

Step 4: Integrate Into Your Process

We will assist you with the integration process to ensure that your plant is working in the most effective and synergistic way possible.

Step 5: Assist With Installation

Our expert installation and erection supervision will help you to reduce on-site cost by helping you find the most effective methods of installation.

Step 6: Comissioning and Training

Our commissioning engineers will assist you with initial operation and training on operation and maintenance functions.

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Our commissioning engineers are available to come to site to evaluate your system and propose improvements to your existing system or a replacement system, depending on the performance of your existing components and your expectations for future performance.

Our Past Work

Here you will find photos of various different systems we provided in the past.

Our Customers Love Our Equipment, and We Think You Will, Too

From the simplicity of the equipment to the knowledge we bring with our over 30 years of experience in dry sorbent injection systems, we think you will be a fan too.

And if for some reason you need help with your equipment or system operation, our responsiveness will impress you.

  • That’s been one of my mantras — focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex; you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.

Sorbent Dynamics, Inc.

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