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Simplicity Is Our Technology™

Sorbent Dynamics Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) systems are air pollution control technologies used to reduce the emissions of acid gases, mainly HCl and SO2, as well as other pollutants from industrial combustion processes.

Dry sorbent injection is an effective and relatively cost-efficient method for controlling acid gas emissions compared to other technologies, like wet and semi-dry scrubbers and circulating fluid bed scrubbers.

Sorbent Dynamics designs and engineers equipment used in Dry Sorbent Injection systems. Our systems are characterized by dependability and simplicity of design.

Simplicity truly is our technology.

Bulk Handling Components

  • Bulk Silo Systems
  • Bulk Bag Unloader Feeders
  • Pneumatic Transport
  • Waste Handling

Milling and Injection Systems

  • Gravimetric Screw Feeders
  • Rotary Table Screw Feeders
  • Fine Particle Impact Mills
  • Filter/Receiver Systems

Flue Gas Injection Systems

  • Distribution Powder Injectors
  • Swirl Air Powder Injectors
  • Spray Cooling Lances
  • Atomization Systems

End-to-end Solutions

Build a simply functioning system using our proprietary technologies and components that are easy to use and maintenance-friendly. These are systems that simply work, without having to use costly accessories or complicated control systems.

Fully Customizable

Each system equipment element can be supplied in different cofigurations, and arranged to match the particular application.


Our equipment is simply designed to have zero periodic maintenance, with easy change elements at end of life.


We implement only the latest technical designs and technology for all Sorbent Dynamics machinery components.


Our technology can be adapted to different functions and processes due to its modular construction by simple tool changeout.

Get What You Need, When You Need It

The simplicity of our systems is based on the simplicity of our equipment, which means that our delivery times are never going to be the bottle neck in your execution schedule.

Trust Our Equipment

Reliability and simplicity are the hallmarks of our system components. From feeders to mills to injectors, up time and ease of maintenance are some of the most prized features of our equipment.


Our equipment is manufactured with great care by expert craftsmen with years of experience, resulting in high quality components and long-lasting machines.

High Quality

All third-party components are the highest quality available on the open market. Our oversized, high quality German gearmotors allow our systems to survive under the harshest conditions.

Make Your Next Project Quick and Easy

Before Plan, Understand The Process

**Here's how DSI works:

Injection of Sorbent Material: Dry sorbent powder, such as hydrated lime (calcium hydroxide) or finely milled sodium bicarbonate, are injected into the flue gas stream.

Chemical Reaction: When the sorbent material comes into contact with the acid gases, a chemical reaction occurs, reacting with the sorbent to form a less harmful compound.

Particle Collection: The reaction products, which are in solid form, are then collected along with the sorbent particles in particulate control devices such as baghouses or electrostatic precipitators. This removes the pollutants from the flue gas.

Cleaned Flue Gas Emission: The treated flue gas, now with reduced levels of acid gases and other pollutants, is released into the atmosphere through a stack.

6 Simple Steps to a Successful DSI System:

Step 1: Specify Your Process

If necessary, we will work with you to define the pollution abatement process and determine which sorbent solution is best for your process.

Step 2: Analyze Your Problem

The next step is to help you determine which system or component is best suited to achieving your process solution.

Step 3: Build Your Equipment

We will then design and build your system according to your demanding quality requirements and specifications.

Step 4: Integrate Into Your Process

We will assist you with the integration process to ensure that your plant is working in the most effective and synergistic way possible.

Step 5: Assist With Installation

Our expert installation and erection supervision will help you to reduce on-site cost by helping you find the most effective methods of installation.

Step 6: Comissioning and Training

Our commissioning engineers will assist you with initial operation and training on operation and maintenance functions.

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Our commissioning engineers are available to come to site to evaluate your system and propose improvements to your existing system or a replacement system, depending on the performance of your existing components and your expectations for future performance.

Our Past Projects

Here you will find photos of various different systems we provided in the past.

Our Customers Love Our Equipment, and We Think You Will, Too

From the simplicity of the equipment to the knowledge we bring with our over 30 years of experience in dry sorbent injection systems, we think you will be a fan too.

And if for some reason you need help with your equipment or system operation, our responsiveness will impress you.

  • That’s been one of my mantras — focus and simplicity. Simple can be harder than complex; you have to work hard to get your thinking clean to make it simple.

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